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Its time to BeKnown.


Our favorite job board and social networking sites and respectivitly are coming together through a new service called BeKnown. What BeKnown does is bring the functionality of business networking like Linked In to a service that almost everyone already has a login for (Facebook).  The service has just launched and Jury is still out but lets test it out and see if we like it and if it has any advantages over Linked In.  One advantage we see right off the bat is that it allows integration with your resume posted on Monster, your Google, Twitter and other accounts. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Case Management System Reviews.

When we started the Paperless P.I. our intention was not to merely focus on tips and tricks to avoid using a piece a paper but rather a full service blog covering numerous topics relevant to Private Investigators and focusing heavily on Technology.  We have a love/hate relationship with technology as most Private Investigators do.  Many things are supposed to make our lives easier however some really don’t.  That is the basis we are going to use in judging Case management systems that are intended for use in a Detective Agency or work really well despite the software’s intent for another industry. In the beginning we are going to take a look at: Polounious EZ Case Manager Trackops E Investigator Virtual Case Management Mavenlink and many more! Check back often for our reviews. If you have an opinion on any of the above or some others you would like us to try out please comment.

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Another reason to switch to Google Apps

appointment slots for private investigators

What is Google Apps?  It is the business version of its Gmail service.  It allows you to use your personalized email address with all of free features of Gmail.  For example you can use an email address like as opposed to and this service is free.  It is a little tricky to set up but once you do you will never pay for another version of Microsoft Outlook again. The newest feature to Google Apps is “Calendar Appointment Slots” for your Google Calendar.  What it does is allows you to put a widget on your website or in an email that allows someone to see when you are available for appointments (you control this) and allows them to make an appointment with you for a specific time and date.  You can then accept or decline this appointment.  There is no reason to go back and forth with “are you free at this time, no I am free on this day” etc…  To sign up for Google Apps visit their website at .

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Virtual Phone Numbers, VOIP Line, eFax, and iPhone app all in one.

phone for private investigators

Remember we only write about the services we use and recommend,  when Ring Central first scaled up from a start-up to a leader in the industry we had some tech support issues.  So we tried just about every other service out there and could find nothing that compared in features and service.  So we are going on our sixth year or so with Ring Central,  so we recommend you give them a try and let us know what you think, Try RingCentral Mobile FREE for 30 days. You will be able to setup different answering rules for different numbers, set your business hours so your phone doesn’t ring at certain times, record calls, never receive a blocked phone number and much more.

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Digital Video in Court


Almost every 7-Eleven and McDonald’s in the Los Angeles area uses  digital video recorders and transmit their video to a central monitoring station where the video is again recorded on the equivalent of a Computer Hardrive. If one of these restaurants gets robbed is the Judge going to say the video is not admissible in court because its on Hardrive as opposed to the old Video tape formats. NO, that’s ridiculous. Of course the Judge will allow it in as evidence. The Court will simply require that a technician that retrieved the video from the recorders testify to its authenticity. This is the same as a Private Investigator transferring video to an online Case Management system or DVD from his or her hardrive Camcorder.  The date and time stamp is transferred, and the Private Investigator just testifies to the authenticity of  it. As far as Case Management Systems go, right now we are using and recommending Mavenlink.  Which allows you to upload HUGE Video files and allows your clients to login and view it like a secure version of You Tube.  We have only been using Mavenlink for a couple of months, so sign up for the free version and let us know what you think? Visit the Mavenlink website by clicking here.

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