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Break a PDF Password

private investigator pdf

Have you ever wanted to make changes to a pdf that you had created or borrowed from someone else like a contract or a Proof of Service form? Here are some step by step instructions on how to do it. Let us know how it works…

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5 Things your Business Card must have

private investigator business card

Even in a Paperless office a Private Investigator must carry business cards at all times.  It doesn’t matter if you are giving the business card out to a potential client, a fellow Private Investigator, or a witness in an Investigation your business cards must have the following things: A trackable Phone Number, if you are handing out business cards for marketing purposes to potential clients you want to know if doing such a thing is worth your while.  You want to know how someone found you when they call.  Using a dedicated number that cost less than four bucks a month will do this.  If you spend a year going to bar association meetings and claims adjuster conferences and no one calls you, and you did not receive any work from calling them then you need to adjust your marketing plan. A branded email address, if you spend a couple hundred bucks on the best business cards but put your “” email address you have just wasted your money and blown your professionalism out of the water.  When an Investigator hands me a Vista Print business card with an email address like this I immediately think this person would not be able to figure out how to email me a report if I where to hire them. Your Certifications, some certifications have […]

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GoToPC is a waste of money!

private investigators waste money

If you are using GoToPC (not GoToMeeting) to access your computer from out of the office you are wasting your money.  If you are using another computer, your iPad, or Smart Phone there are free tools and more efficient ways of doing business.  GoToPC is about a hundred bucks a year and you are probably already using other tools that can replace this. Accessing Files If you are using GTPC to access files on your computer you can simply access the same files through your cloud storage account like Carbonite, Sugar Sync, or we use Google Docs. Email Software If you are accessing your computer through GTPC to use Outlook or something similar you are just making more work for yourself.  If you use a hosted Exchange Account like MailStreet or Google Apps your email, folders, and contacts are synced up with your mobile device or second computer.  So if you open an email in one place it is marked as read in another. The bottom line is whatever you have on one computer you can have access to on another without a screen sharing program, the same goes with a mobile phone especially an iPhone.

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Super Sitelinks are Here!

private investigator sitelinks

Google released a more advanced version of what they call sitelinks.  These added links to sub pages of websites were once only available to large brands like Sony and Pepsi.  Now they appear to be working for smaller brands including Private Investigator Websites.  So take a moment and do a search for the name of your Agency.  It does not work for your targeted keywords ie “Tampa Bay Private Investigator” but rather “Gator Investigators”. If you do not find sitelink for your website then you are probably not well optimized.  An easy way to have your site organized and optimized correctly so that Google likes it is to use a WordPress website. We like WordPress for P.I.’s as a website design company who create WordPress based Websites just for Private Investigators.

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What does your email address say about you?

what does your email address say about you

Are you still using your AOL email address or the one your cable company gave you years ago before they were sold ten times?  When you email a client for the first time from one of these email addresses the first thing they are going to think is an old man, sitting in an old office, in front of an old computer.  This especially true if you deal with clients from the General Public or try to obtain work from newer younger Attorneys. Most of us do some sort of work for Attorneys at some point,  and they are the worst offenders of the AOL or Yahoo email addresses.  Don’t use them as an example or think because a successful Attorney still uses one of these email addresses its ok.  These are people who have gotten by for years on yellow page ads and haven’t even considered creating a website.  That’s fine, if they are able to get by like that doesn’t mean private investigators can.  Think about the types of Attorneys who you know that use these email addresses,  they probably don’t work in large firms and don’t have high-net worth clients.   Any Attorney who does work for companies like Google and the entertainment industry as well as those who handle high-profile divorce and Criminal Defense cases are […]

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