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Another reason to switch to Google Apps

What is Google Apps?  It is the business version of its Gmail service.  It allows you to use your personalized email address with all of free features of Gmail.  For example you can use an email address like president@whitehouse.gov as opposed to president@gmail.com and this service is free.  It is a little tricky to set up but once you do you will never pay for another version of Microsoft Outlook again.

The newest feature to Google Apps is “Calendar Appointment Slots” for your Google Calendar.  What it does is allows you to put a widget on your website or in an email that allows someone to see when you are available for appointments (you control this) and allows them to make an appointment with you for a specific time and date.  You can then accept or decline this appointment.  There is no reason to go back and forth with “are you free at this time, no I am free on this day” etc…  To sign up for Google Apps visit their website at http://www.google.com/a .

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