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PreTexting just got easier!

private investigator pretext phone number

Last week a colleague called and asked what we were using to make Pretext phone calls.  We have used almost everything out there, including the dedicated service like “Blind Line” not sure if they are still in business?  We have used throw away cell phones from the 7-Eleven but those don’t unblock numbers, and our most recent was an iPhone App that is made by the same company we already use for our business phone lines Ring Central.  This App is free and is branded by AT&T and gives you a free local or 800 number and you can use for about 100 minutes a  month.  It worked just fine for the limited number of pretext we do.

Now the same company has just released a new iPhone App that will take it one step further.  You can create temporary numbers and have them expire after you are done using them and get a new number for the next case.   This will work perfect for our small case load that requires pretexting but they plan to release a paid version that will allow you to create multiple temporary phone numbers at once for the Investigator that is juggling multiple cases and ideal for the full-time SkipTracer. The App is called Ring Shuffle and can be downloaded here.

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  1. Works good.