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This is going to be a month!

I am certain that at least one member of that Seal Team is a future Private Investigator, but we will never know. For now its back to work and making the world paperless. We are going to hit this service hard this month to make sure everyone signs up for a free trial of and takes advantage of the $50 bucks they are giving away. There is no telling how long that will last, it is a huge rebate and I am sure it is only available for a limited time. Use the link above to get your money and thanks for supporting the Paperless P.I. by utilizing these services! For those of you haven’t heard yet what is, it is a service that allows you to fax or email your invoices that you need to pay and it automatically cuts a check and pays them for you for a small fee.  It works great for us, and no snags in the six months that we have been using it. I am over simplifying the service and they have many new features including issuing of invoices to your clients. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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