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4 Faster Ways to Blog

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Do you blog? It may be easier than you think.  Many Private Investigators don’t think there is any value in Blogging.  They think they don’t have the time or ability to put their thoughts into a format suited for all to see.  This may be true if you are thinking about a traditional blog like the one you are reading.  Writing an educational or informative blog post does take a little bit of time and preparation.  If you want your blog post to be read, than it takes a little bit of research and skill as well.  Most of us do not want to mess with any of this just for the off-chance someone might read it sometime and decide to hire us.

There is a much easier way to blog, keeping in mind that you can blog about anything and you don’t really have to call it a blog.  Most Detective Agency Websites that have the word “Blog” listed on their website, it usually leads to a boring lengthy article that they paid someone to write or stayed up in the middle of the night to concoct.  These entries are usually outdated and irrelevant to the website visitor.  To a modern client an abandoned blog just looks unprofessional and gives the impression that you don’t care.  The same impression you give by having an outdated website, business cards, or a 1980’s suit.

So don’t waste your time starting a traditional blog that you will inevitably abandon, instead create several small blogs on your website that are easy to update.  Here are a few to try below, keep in mind the reason we do this is to keep our website looking fresh and professional for visitors and to feed the appetite of the Search Engine Gods aka Google.  If you want your website to generate new business then it has to be kept updated with relevant content.

  • News about your company-it could be something as simple as a new client, a new certification, a training class attended.
  • Testimonials that your clients might formally write or more often just tell you after you do a good job.  Write down what they say and post it to your website.
  • Client List is often confidential but if you have a client that could lend you some creditability then by all means put this on your website.
  • Services that people call for often that you might not explain well enough on your website.  Answer a potential clients question on your website.  This could also be called a FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section.
Good luck and let us know if you have any others?