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Merlin Data

merlin data for private investigators

We have been using Merlin Data now for about a year and we are constantly told how good their new competitor TLO is. So we thought it is time to give TLO a try and to put Merlin on the back burner for a little while to compare the services. We have not compared data yet but will do so in a future review. For now we will talk about the platform and company and our experience with each. These are our opinions and we invite you to comment with your opinion and rate your experience with Merlin Data. We are excited about this new feature on our website and hope to become the source for reviews on all things Private Investigator. Customer Service We have always had good customer service from Merlin. This is when they are available, they do not offer twenty-four hour support and do not have a support forum or database of questions to search through. It is not standard in the industry however we feel these types of companies should have around the clock support and on the weekends. Their core business is no longer just Private Investigators so they do not see the value in servicing the majority of Private Investigators who are small business owners and often times one man/woman operations who work […]

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Salesforce is Dead and we have a Secret!

private investigator crm

The secret weapon in our marketing arsenal has finally run its course.  What I am talking about is our most well kept secret because I believe so strongly that it gives us a competitive advantage.  I already cant believe that I am sharing this with all of you, but it goes to show you how we are dedicated to improving every one’s business not just ours. What is the secret, well its really not that big of secret its just common sense.  The reason I call it a secret is because most of you will say “of course we do this already” but you really don’t.  If you do then you don’t do it every time, just sometimes.  What I am talking about is when a potential new client calls or emails the office we record their name, phone number, email address, and whatever other information we can garner during the conversation.  Most clients do not hire you from the first initial contact, in fact it only happens here about three percent of the time.  We gathered these statistics over the past ten years.  Why do we have these statistics?  We have them because we take down the aforementioned information every time religiously. Check back tomorrow for what you can do with the information now that you have it all […]

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Case Management System Reviews.

When we started the Paperless P.I. our intention was not to merely focus on tips and tricks to avoid using a piece a paper but rather a full service blog covering numerous topics relevant to Private Investigators and focusing heavily on Technology.  We have a love/hate relationship with technology as most Private Investigators do.  Many things are supposed to make our lives easier however some really don’t.  That is the basis we are going to use in judging Case management systems that are intended for use in a Detective Agency or work really well despite the software’s intent for another industry. In the beginning we are going to take a look at: Polounious EZ Case Manager Trackops E Investigator Virtual Case Management Mavenlink and many more! Check back often for our reviews. If you have an opinion on any of the above or some others you would like us to try out please comment.

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