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The greatest invention of all time.

private investigator whitey board

No it’s not the light bulb, or the corvette.  But this paperless, reusable, notebook replacing alternative to the White Board is my new favorite invention of all time.  Introducing the Whitey Board, this thing is great; it came to my door about twelve hours after I ordered it.  Got an email from the company president letting me know it was on its way.  So far so good,  then I was surprised it came in what could be best described as a tube used to store blueprints or large photos rolled up.  Ok not problem, not what I was expecting but I move forward.  I take it out of the tube and find out it is basically just a big sticker, that I peel the backing off and stick to my office wall right in view of me all day long. It hasn’t fallen off, I have removed it partially to reposition it kind of like a bumper sticker and it came off and went back on without a problem.  I am not sure if the same will be said a year from now when I want to move it.  My hope is that no wall or paint damage will appear and I doubt it. So this thing has made headaches go away instantly, much better than jotting the million thoughts, ideas, and to […]

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Do you have any Clout?

clout private investigator

A new service will rank for free your online clout,  the site named Klout will rank your online presence and compare it to other people including some more popular online people they call “influencers”  so check to see if you are an influencer yet.  See if people follow, read, and share what you write.  Everyone likes it when people comment on their Facebook post or ReTweet their tweets, even if you wont admit it. Post your Klout score in the comments,  the highest score wins a cool prize!

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Brainstorming in a Paperless Office

doodle for private investigators

So now that we are completely paperless in the office does this mean no notebooks?  Well we still keep notebooks in the car and other key locations for things we remember we need to-do or when we are brainstorming about a case or a marketing project.  So what about in the office, we use this huge sticker on the wall called a Whitey Board which is a new take on the old fashion White Board that usually requires a stand of some sort or nailed to the wall.  The Whitey Board is a huge sticker that works the same way as a White Board but sticks on any surface and easily removes without any damage. While you are waiting for your Whitey Board to arrive in the mail and you need to practice your doodles, check out which is basically a white board on your computer screen.  Lots of different things you can do with this,  act like a kid not a Private Investigator and use your imagination, have fun…     

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