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4 Faster Ways to Blog

private investigator blog

Do you blog? It may be easier than you think.  Many Private Investigators don’t think there is any value in Blogging.  They think they don’t have the time or ability to put their thoughts into a format suited for all to see.  This may be true if you are thinking about a traditional blog like the one you are reading.  Writing an educational or informative blog post does take a little bit of time and preparation.  If you want your blog post to be read, than it takes a little bit of research and skill as well.  Most of us do not want to mess with any of this just for the off-chance someone might read it sometime and decide to hire us. There is a much easier way to blog, keeping in mind that you can blog about anything and you don’t really have to call it a blog.  Most Detective Agency Websites that have the word “Blog” listed on their website, it usually leads to a boring lengthy article that they paid someone to write or stayed up in the middle of the night to concoct.  These entries are usually outdated and irrelevant to the website visitor.  To a modern client an abandoned blog just looks unprofessional and gives the impression that you don’t care.  The same impression you give […]

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Do this right now! Its not too late.

private investigator christmas cards

Its not too late to send a Christmas/Holiday Card right now.  Of course your Christmas Card should be paperless.  But how would a Christmas Card be paperless you ask?  Take a look at this free App. Be sure to send cards to your clients if you haven’t already,  they will remember you for it even if they are paperless.

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Social Media Marketing Fail

From our friends at PI Marketing.

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You need to change your Name!

private investigator web presence

Ok no big deal, you will just have to fill out a bunch of paperwork, pay a bunch of money. You will have to order new business cards, change your website, and email address then notify your clients.  Is it all worth it?  Well if someone does a search for you or your Detective Agency name online and you are not the first one listed there is a problem.  People do not keep track of business cards like they use to.  If you meet someone and they want to get ahold of you later on and they cannot easily find you through Google or LinkedIn they will move on.  Make it easy for people to find you so they can give you business. If you need to change your business name do some research first.  Make sure there is no other business with that name anywhere close, or best yet at all.  Make sure your name is one of kind, you don’t want a situation down the road where another firm in another state gets a bad rep and you get associated with them somehow.  You want to OWN the web presence of your company name.  Take EAST COAST PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS for example, it is a pretty generic name but there seems to be a firm in North Carolina that owns most of […]

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For Immediate Release!

press release for private investigators

In an earlier post I talked about the advantage of issuing Press Releases for SEO purposes and I was poised the question “should I use the free or paid Press Release distribution company’s.” Here was my answer:  I would certainly start with a paid site like PR Web or it will get better visibility than a free site. It will also get picked up automatically by the free sites.  Just make sure you opt into having a live link embedded in your press release to your site.  If you are going to start issuing a lot of releases then you could start alternating where you post them and include the free sites.   Additional the paid sites will give you options like a “company profile” and a the ability to have a specialized website that will certainly help with SEO because it will include your company name in the url.

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