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iOS Calendar App


We have tried a lot of different Calendar Apps for iPhone and Android. We love some of the features on some of the Apps but usually have found some flaw or bug that made us switch back to the factory app that comes with the device.  However we have been trying an App called “Calendars 5” for iOS on both an iPhone and iPad without any issues. Other than pretty new graphics most Calendar Apps don’t bring anything new to the device except a feature that can best be described as “Calendar Entry for Dummies” this is just a single line that you can type something like: ” Lunch with John Smith on Tuesday the 13th at Noon at Chilis” and the App will parse all of this poor sentence structure into a perfect Calendar Entry.  It will attempt to locate and attach the address for Chilis (for directions) as well as look in your Contacts for John Smith and attach his information. The reason that would be useful is so you can send an invite to his Calendar and be synced up with your appointment.  Then if you are running late for the appointment you will have the quick ability to send him a text message or other notice. Right now there is no Android version of this App […]

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Free Fax Sending

hello fax

I just used Hello Fax to send a free fax.  They allow five pages a month for free, and upgrades with incoming faxes start at $9.99.  The dashboard looks good and the fax went through super fast. They also have an added service of signing faxes with a digital signature.  This would be a great feature to allow clients to sign contracts and fax them back to you if you are not already setup on digital signature service.

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Paperless Notebook

Evernote for Private Investigators

If you are not using Evernote, you should.  It’s the best online paperless notebook out there,  it has an online version and a software that you download to your computer or smartphone.  It has limitless uses, but the best is keeping track of your investigation notes including the research you do online.  It stores and sorts everything nicely, the best part is its free.  It has a paid version if you need more storage and offline access (like on an airplane) but the free version works good for us. There are tons of add-on services and compatible devices that integrate nicely with the service, there is even a nice old fashion notebook coming out that will allow you to easily transfer your hand written notes into the Evernote system. Private Investigators have even found ways to customize the system and use it as an online case management system, it’s really slick.

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Supercharge Gmail and Google Apps

Boomerang for Google Apps

Our number one recommended email program is Google Apps.  This is the business version of Gmail that lets you use a custom email address .  We switched away from Microsoft Outlook about three years ago and havent turned back.  The service is free and has many great features, however in the beginning it lacked many “advanced” features that Outlook had like the ability to request a “read” request for an email and to schedule emails to go out in the future.  Now with a free add-on to Google Apps called Boomerang you can schedule emails in the future and receive reminders to follow-up should you not receive a timely reply. They offer a free version that works for us and they also offer a paid version for power users and it is well worth the money.  

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Blur faces in video

private investigator blur video infidelity surviellance

I remember my very first case as a licensed Private Investigator that wasnt being done for another Private Investigator, that is the client was mine directly. It was a very weird feeling some lady was calling me from another state and said that her fiance was traveling to my city and she thought he might be seeing another woman.  I had tons of surveillance experience but this would be my first infidelity case and I was excited and nervous at the same time.  This was all new to me, I didn’t know the do’s and don’ts of a case like this as I did for Insurance surveillance cases.  This client paid me for eight hours of surveillance which was about the same I made for an entire week working as an employee for another Private Investigator so I thought this was going to be awesome! I took the case and sure enough the guy was seeing another woman, they didn’t leave the house at all. The only time I saw him was when he came out the balcony with the girl, both in their bath robes acting inappropriately.  I was very happy that I caught this on tape but now I realized I had to break the news to the client.  This seemed to come natural to me, and the client thanked me profusely. […]

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