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5 Tips for Getting Started with Google AdWords

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If you think Google Adwords is a waste of money for Private Investigators than move on to the next article. But the two guys who started Google would not be Billionaires today if their product was a waste of money. It is just something that has a huge learning curve and if you don’t know what you are doing, you can waste your money.  Here are five basic things to keep in mind when getting started:

  1. Geotargeting People think of Private Investigators the same way they think about plumbers.  They start local; no one is going to hire a San Francisco Plumbing company in San Diego even if that company claims to have offices in that area.  People prefer local especially when they learn that Private Investigators charge mileage fees.   So when you get started with your Adwords account select a small area for your Advertising to show.  For example you can tell it to only display your Ads in a twenty mile radius of your office or any other specific location you want, it is pretty advanced.
  2. Phone Number Include your phone number in the Ad itself and make sure your phone number is near the top of your website and is written in text as opposed to your phone number being a graphic image or picture.  That way when people search on their mobile phone, they can click on your phone number from the Ad itself or once they reach your website.  New software plugins from Skype and Google Voice also recognize phone numbers on webpages and allow customers to quickly click and be connected.  Make sure you are easy to reach.
  3. Negative Keywords Make sure you take advantage of Adwords negative Keyword feature.  You don’t want people clicking on your Ads and wasting your money when they search things like “Private Investigator Training” or “Schools for Private Investigators” unless you are a school for private investigators.  You want to maximize your return on investment and make sure you’re not spending money on people who are not looking to hire a private investigator with your services and in your area.
  4. Unprofitable Keywords Google Adwords Keywords can cost anywhere from two bucks to twenty bucks depending on how many Private Investigators are using Adwords in your area.  So don’t use keywords like “background checks” where your profit margin is very low.  You are not going to get large companies searching Google and hiring you to do hundreds of Background Checks, you are going to get the crazy insecure people who want to do background checks on their children and on the person they are dating.
  5. Track your Leads Make sure you know what Keywords and Online Advertising in general is making you money.  You can use a simple excel spreadsheet or advanced options like Salesforce and Mongoose Metrics to determine what your ROI or Return on Investment for these Ads are.  If you are wasting your money you want to be sure because there is allot of money to be made by advertising online.